Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Wine:

1. What is Wine?

2. How do I open a bottle of wine?

3. Should I let wine breathe?

4. How do I choose a glass?

5. How should I open sparkling wine?

6. What are the different types and styles of wine?

7. How to make sparkling wine?

8. How is fortified wine made?

9. What does the shape of the bottle say about the quality of the wine?

10. How do I serve wine with food?

11. How do I store wine?

12. How can I become a wine connoisseur?

13. What are the wine regions of South Africa?

14. What does ‘wines of origin’ mean?

15. What-Does-Grip-in-a-Wine-Mean?

16. How Do We Taste the Wine Correctly?

17. What does complexity in a wine mean?

18. Is red wine good for your health?

19. Does the colour of white wine indicate its quality?

20. How do I know what of wine to buy?

21. How Do I Select the Right Glass to Serve Wine?

22. How Do I Clean Glasses Properly

23. What Is the Correct Temperature to Serve Wine?

24. What Is Legs/Viscosity?

25. What Is Noble Rot?

26. What Are Sulphites?

27. What is the anatomy of a grape?

28. What do vines consist of?

29. How Does Climate Make a Difference?

30. What Effect Does Soil Have?

31. How can winemakers justify the price of wines?

32. What’s the correct protocol about bringing your own wine to a restaurant?

33. Whats the difference between Steen and Stein?

34. How and When Is the Best Time to Pick Grapes?

35. What is meant by ‘racking’ a wine?

36. What is meant by ‘extract’ when referring to wines?

37. Why don’t winemakers produce non-alcoholic wines?

38. How to make red wine?

39. Why do farms use stainless steel tanks instead of the old oak vats?

40. What is Brett?

41. Why are there so many wine competitions?

42. What is a sparkling wine?

43. Should a champagne glass be held at a 45 degree angle?

44. What is fortfied wine?

45. What wines are best served with South African food?

46. Are there different ways to use oak to add flavour to a wine?