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- Gold between Friends -

South Africa’s best-loved and well-crafted brandy. Meticulous distillation unhurried maturation and the artful blending skills of our Master Distillers. Delivering a taste that has come to be known as “Gold between friends”.


- The unapologetic cider -

Savanna is a cider that is expertly crafted from apples with attitude -so we took the perfectly ripe apple and used it to create a pure cider. Enjoy an ice cold Savanna with a lemon wedge in its neck.

Three Ships Whisky

- Made exceptional, made here -

Produced at Africa’s only commercial whisky distillery ‘The James Sedgwick Distillery’ in Wellington (South Africa). Three Ships Whisky presents a range of premium blended and single malt whiskies. For exceptional moments, choose exceptional whisky.

Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky

- The world’s best grain whisky -

Bain’s Whisky is the only whisky in the world to use 100% sun-kissed South African maize in its uniquely warm location; this exceptional whisky delivers a distinctive flavour that continues to win international awards year after year.


- The Gin standard for 250 years -

Gordon’s is a Special London Dry Gin with fragrant botanicals added before distillation, allowing them to infuse with the spirit, unlike most other gins, where herbs and spices are added afterwards. Made from a unique blend of over 120 natural ingredients and triple distilled.

Durbanville Hills Wines

- A place where city culture and viticulture connect -

Durbanville Hills is located just outside Cape Town. The winery offers a spectacular view of Table Mountain, Table Bay and Robben Island, as well as an extraordinary terroir that moderates temperatures – one of the main contributing factors that shape the lively, harmonious flavours of Durbanville Hills wines.


- Made in Africa -

Amarula Cream is a blend of the mysterious taste of the wild Marula fruit and nature’s fresh cream. Handpicked, double distilled and then matured in oak barrels, Amarula’s taste is versatile. “Kickoff” with a Springbokkie or two!

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