The other name for Shiraz, Syrah is typically made in an Old World-style, which favours elegance and leanness over boldness and fruit. The signature flavour of a classic Rhone-style Syrah is black pepper, and as these wines age, notes of spice and leather become more prominent.

Old Road Wine Company

12 Mile Syrah


Includes: 12 Mile Syrah - 1 x 750ml Description: What's in the name? The Old Road Wine Co tells the story of special old vines grown in rugged corners of the Franschhoek wine country. Rain or shine, the postman of yesteryear would travel the 12 miles...

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Almenkerk Syrah


Almenkerk Syrah 1 X 750ml Bottle An intra-cultivar blend of 3 clones from a single vineyard. A result of meticulous sorting, natural fermentation & judicious wooding, it is packed with sweet clean fruit and meaty, slightly spicy characters. The...

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Anthonij Rupert

Antonij Rupert Syrah


Antonij Rupert Syrah 1 X 750ml Bottle The vineyards selected for the Anthonij Rupert wines are chosen from vines planted on very specific sites and soil types. The canopies of each block and the final yield of each site was managed precisely to...

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De Morgenzon

DeMorgenzon DMZ Syrah


DeMorgenzon DMZ Syrah 1 X 750ml Bottle TASTING NOTES Deep, purple core. Rich, berry fruit nose with lots of ripe, red plum and whiffs of white pepper. Some floral notes in the background, including violets, lavender and spring blossoms. Full in the...

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Foothills Syrah

R96.00 R85.00

Includes: Foothills Syrah - 1 x 750ml Description:  Very easy to like, yet there is complexity, underlying layers and structure: maraschino cherry intensity and plum compote, with tobacco leaf savouriness and a fain hint of scrub. Unlike previous...

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Glen Carlou Wine

Glen Carlou Syrah

R179.00 R159.00

Glen Carlou Syrah 1 X 750ml Bottle Glen Carlou Shiraz is made using the cultivar of the same name, which is famous for being used to produce red wines that are both flavorful and full-bodied. Made in South Africa, this particular wine stands out...

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La Motte Wine

La Motte Syrah


La Motte Syrah 1 X 750ml Bottle Years of experience in producing this variety have enabled La Motte to combine the grapes of a number of cool terroirs to capture juicy berry-fruit, sweet liquorice, violet flowers and pepper spice. Traditionally a...

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Porcupine Ridge Wine

Porcupine Ridge Syrah


Porcupine Ridge  Shiraz 1 X 750ml Bottle Winemakers comments: Renowned for its small berries and un-irrigated vineyards, the Swartland is the area from which we source the grapes for this wine. Minimal interference during winemaking...

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Porseleinberg Syrah


Includes: Porseleinberg Syrah - 1 x 750ml Description: It is deep purple towards black in colour and medium to full-bodied. The nose shows beautiful florals, black pepper, roast meat and wet earth. It really reminds one of the masculine and...

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Radford Dale Syrah


Radford Dale Syrah 1 X 750ml Bottle In the vineyard The two vineyards that produce our Flagship Syrah are both planted on granite & clay ‘Koffee Klip’ soils on the Helderberg slopes; one with 360 degree views over Table Bay (West...

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