Smirnoff Red Vodka

Smirnoff Red Vodka

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Smirnoff Red - 750ml Bottle

The Smirnoff® brand traces its origins to late 19th century Russia where Piotr Arseneevich Smirnoff® known by his initials, P.A. founded a distillery in Moscow and began selling vodkas under his name. 
P.A. opened a distillery and began producing his own brand of vodkas in 1864. 
P.A. drew upon techniques of vodka-making that were well-known at the time. In 1867, P.A. purchased the house at 1 Piatnitskaya Street in Moscow and began making some of his products there. That house stood across from a small bridge traversing a drainage canal from the Moscow River, and thus came to be known as his house by the Iron Bridge. 
In the late 18th century, it was discovered that many impurities could be removed by filtering vodka through charcoal made from charred hardwoods. (Russians attribute this discovery to Theodore Lowitz, a chemist commissioned by the tsar in 1780, but Swedes and Poles have also claimed credit for the technique.) In addition to removing impurities, the process of charcoal filtration was also found to impart a desirable character to vodka. Charcoal filtration became a preferred method of purification for many well-known vodkas made in the second half of the 19th century. 
Charcoal filtration was essential to P.A.'s method of vodka-making. Like most Russian producers of his time, he used charcoal made from birch trees. Birch was the preferred wood because it was absorbent, abundant, and less expensive than other hardwoods. 

The word Vodka comes from the Russian "Zbiznennai voda" meaning "water of life". 
In ancient times, vodka used to be called "Hot Wine". 
The name Vodka was formally recognized at the end of 19th Century. 
Russians usually wash vodka down with beer. 
Vodka has oil-removing properties that make it a great choice to help control oily hair. 
In 1917 Vodka was banned from markets, since beverages with over 20% of alcohol could not be sold. 
Vodka should be stored in a freezer It will NOT freeze because of the alcohol level. 
The Russian remedy for a hangover is pickle juice! 
Infused vodka has the same properties and qualities as mouthwash. 
Vodka was used as an ingredient in the production of gun powder because of its purity. 
The current best selling mixed drink in the US is the vodka Martini. 
Smirnoff® Red was launched in South Africa in March 27, 2004 
Smirnoff® is the world's leading premium vodka brand with distribution in 130 countries. 
Smirnoff® was named the best vodka by the New York Times in January 2005 after beating 20 other vodka brands from around the world.

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