Rose Wine

All grape juice is white (yes, even the juice from red grapes) and it’s the grape skin that adds colour to the wine. And so winemakers wanting to produce Rose leave the juice in contact with the skins until the desired shade of pink is reached – and these days pretty-as-a-picture Rose come in all hues, from salmon and peach to blushing pink. Rose wine has many manifestations – sweet or dry, sparkling or still – and is made from different grape varieties all over the world.

Asara Wine

Asara Pinotage Rose


Asara Pinotage Rose 1 X 750ml Bottle Ripe, vibrant strawberries and red berries, with candy floss and melon on the nose. A mouth-watering palate of fresh strawberries, honeydew and red berries make for a wine that’s crisp, fresh and sweet.

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Backsberg Wine

Backsberg Premium Rose


Backsberg Rose 1 X 750ml Bottle Exuberant flavours of raspberry, strawberry and peach combined with a refreshing mouth. A wine made seamless, friendly and with a very good balance between fruit and acidity. This Rosé is a fantastic example...

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Brampton Wine

Brampton Rose


Includes: Brampton Rose 1 X 750ml Bottle Description: Best enjoyed in the freshness of the youth or within 2 years of vintage. The lead up to the harvest was, for the most part, relatively smooth. Temperatures were fairly moderate, with...

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