Noble Late Harvest

This dessert wine gets its sweetness from late harvesting of grapes, which have succumbed to noble rot, a mould called Botrytis cinerea. This most-prized mould creates highly sought-after wines (think Sauternes from France, Tokaj from Hungary and our own local Noble Late Harvest) with rich flavours and aromas of honey, apricots, beeswax and marmalade.


Hartenberg Noble Late Harvest


Hartenberg Noble Late Harvest 1 X 375ml The grapes were hand-picked at daybreak. Picking was done berry by berry, carefully, only selecting berries with Botrytis fungus. The grapes were gently crushed, de-stemmed and underwent 12 hours of skin contact...

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Mulderbosch Wine

MULDERBOSCH Noble Late Harvest

R169.00 R140.00

MULDERBOSCH Noble Late Harvest 1 X 375ml Bottle This aromatic variety took the world by storm in the early 1990′s. Its instantly recognizable aroma profile of cut grass and gooseberries helps consumers identify what’s in the glass. For our...

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