Mixology Syrups

Mixer mixology syrups have a long lasting flavor notes with an economic dosage and are perfectly balanced to match with premium spirits for preparation of your signature cocktails or twist on classics . We use natural and authentic extracts for the production of this high end line of syrups that appeals the new generation of mixologist’s .

Some of the reasons why the quality of these products is just unparalleled dwell in the choice of the raw material, in the choice of natural flavorings and in the choice of those essences treated as gently as not to lose their aromatic fragrance and then ultimately blended merely with pure cane sugar. Furthermore no product of the BAR SYRUPS line contains artificial food colouring.


Mixer Cucumber Syrup 6 x 750ml


Mixer Cucumber Syrup 6 X 750ml Right a cool and juicy vegetable syrup with a subtle acidity and a real refreshing taste  This refreshing syrup is made from pure cucumber extracts. Mixer Cucumber syrup has an intense and persistent aroma of...

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