While tequila is only produced from the blue agave plant, mezcal can be made from any agave plant native to Mexico. Traditionally in Mexico, mezcal is drunk straight and not as part of a cocktail, and has a much smokier flavour. In the States, however, there is a growing trend of using mezcal in craft cocktails.

Ilegal Mezcal

Ilegal Mezcal Reposado


Includes: Ilegal Mezcal Reposado - 1 x 500ml Description: Ilegal Reposado is aged for 4 months in American oak barrels. The barrel aging makes this a great Mezcal to serve to friends who don’t like Mezcal. It has caramelized pear and bitter...

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The 4th Rabbit

The 4th Rabbit


The 4th Rabbit (100% Karoo Agave) - 1 x 500ml WHAT DIFFERENTIATES 4TH RABBIT: The production of 4th Rabbit takes on a traditional mezcal-making process that knows no short cuts. The Agave plants are harvested by hand in the Karoo to extract the...

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Three Agaves

Three Agaves Silver


Includes: Three Agaves Silver - 1 x 750ml Description: Appearance Crystal clear with slowly-defined, glass-coating legs which hint at a Blanco-styled spirit with body and substance. Nose An initial blast of smoked agave sends the mind more towards...

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