Method Cap Classique

Made in exactly the same way as French Champagne, Méthode Cap Classique (or MCC) is South Africa’s entry into the world of bubbly. Over and above Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, SA producers are also known to use Chenin Blanc and even Pinotage in their MCCs. There are some rules as well – the wines must be bottle fermented with at least nine month on the lees. And it’s this last point that gives MCC it’s great variety of flavour profiles – the longer on the lees, the richer and more intense the yeasty, buttery flavours; while shorter time on the lees gives a crisper, fruitier taste. South African MCC is growing in stature worldwide and really making waves – and it’s superb affordability makes it a great alternative to Champagne.

Ambeloui Cleo 2014


Ambeloui Cleo 2014 1 X 750ml Bottle Aged for 3 years on the lees. Perfect anytime drinking MCC, considering that anytime is a good time to drink MCC. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines were planted at Ambeloui, situated in the picturesque valley of Hout...

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Clos Malverne

Clos Malverne Ellie


Clos Malverne Ellie - 1 x 750ml ORIGIN: Devon Valley, Stellenbosch. Our single block Shiraz vineyard is low lying on the cool valley floor. These cooler temperatures are specifically good for producing fruit driven rosè grapes – perfect for...

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De Grendel Wine

De Grendel Brut


De Grendel Brut - 1 X 750ml Bottle Fresh apple flavours and sweet tropical fruit backed by some biscuit richness. The fruit weight fills out the mid-palate and the mineral crispness ensures a well balanced wine with substantial length.

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Graham Beck

Graham Beck Cuvee Clive


Graham Beck Cuvee Clive - 1 x 750ml The Graham Beck Cuvée Clive represents the very apex of our artistic inspiration and creative endeavours in the pursuit of the perfect bubble. This extraordinary bubbly showcases the deftness of our craft, the...

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Avondale Wine

Jc Le Roux MCC Brut


Jc Le Roux Brut 1 X 750ml Bottle This Brut Cap Classique is a fresher and lighter style of MCC and will be enjoyed by people with a drier palate that prefer it to be young and refreshing. This MCC was produced from predominantly Pinot noir grapes and...

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Krone The Phoenix


Krone The Phoenix - 1 x 750ml The Phoenix is a legendary solar bird that cyclically rises from the ashes as a symbol of eternal life. The renewed energy at Twee Jonge Gezellen as the renovation of this historic property continues, demanded the...

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Laborie MCC Brut


Laborie Brut - 1 X 750ml Bottle This pale straw coloured Methode Cap Classique shows a vibrant intensity, yet remains elegant and fine in style. On the nose it shows slight perfume and berry aromas with hints of subtle yeastiness and brioche. The palate...

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