Lowland Whisky


Lowland Whisky

As befits the more gentle geography of the region, the single malts produced in the Lowlands of Scotland are delicate and floral, with some grassy notes. In the past, much of this character came from the fact that many of the region’s whiskies were triple distilled. These days only Auchentoshan still uses that production method. Much of the Lowlands is used for making blended whiskies, but famous names Glenkinchie and Auchentoshan are still producing classic single malts of the region, known for their easy drinking style.


Auchentoshan American Oak Whisky

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Auchentoshan American Oak Whisky 1 x 750ml Bottle Triple distilled and matured solely in American bourbon casks. The result: a Lowland Single Malt Whisky with the sweet aromas of vanilla and coconut - along with the signature smooth, delicate,...

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