Jack Black's Brewing Company


 Jack Black’s Brewing Company was established in 2007, pioneering the craft beer movement in South Africa with high quality, honest beers. Almost 11 years later we’re proud to bring you a range of carefully crafted, delicious beers, brewed at our state of the art brewery in Diep River, Cape Town.



Jack Black's Brewers Lager

Our flagship Pre-Prohibition style lager is inspired by the all-malt beers of the early 1900’s. This traditional full bodied lager achieves great balance between hop bitterness & malt sweetness. It delivers a crisp and refreshing taste that never disappoints.


Jack Black's Cape Pale Ale

Our hop-forward CPA is an outright thirst quencher. Brewed to highlight Western Cape ingredients, it has a full golden colour with generous granadilla aromas accentuated by loads of dry hopping. Medium body with a refreshing red berry taste and zesty citrus finish.


Jack Black's Atlantic Weiss

Fresh as the Atlantic’s ocean breeze, this Hefeweizen has a thick and creamy head – and due to its unfiltered nature, you’ll find some seriously rich, soft fruity aromas. It’s medium bodied and extremely refreshing.


Jack Black's Keller Pils

Our naturally unfiltered Pilsner is direct from the cellar, or “KELLER”, as it’s known in Germany. This beer’s got some serious depth of character while holding true to a classic beer style. A white foam head and tight bubbled mousse gives way to smooth unfiltered goodness.


Jack Black's Butcher Block

An award-winning Pale Ale, smooth in body with a distinctive flavour profile, and a decidedly fresh taste. Refreshing characteristics balanced with rich malt complexity and a bitterness that lingers to the finish.



Jack Black's Lumber Jack

Medium to full bodied with a deep dark red-brown hue. This award-winning beer has complex malt character driven by loads of dark roasted Crystal Malt. Our brewers use mountains of hops to balance this malt, making Lumberjack an outstanding beer to savour with richer style foods.



Jack Black's Skeleton Coast IPA

The Skeleton Coast is the treacherous coastline that contours Southwest Africa. Feared by seafarers, these ‘Gates of Hell’ were a rite of passage for those ships bound for India via Cape Town, many of which sailed with precious IPA – beer brewed with extra hops and malt to withstand the epic journey.



Jack Black's Fresh Hop IPA

Small batches. Limited Quantities. Rad ingredients. This pretty much sums up our limited edition beers. We love to stretch our wings, push our brewers, and put our skills to the test. And if the outcome is awesome, we bottle it.