Imported Beer

Beer is intrinsic to the culture of so many nations, and so it would be remiss not to explore the hoppy offerings from far and wide. We stock a wide variety of imported beers for you to savour and enjoy.

Grolsch Beer 6 Pack


Grolsch Beer 6 Pack - 6 x 330ml Bottle A light golden color with a half inch head and lots of bubbles from carbonation.  Light hops and grain aromas fill the nose and lead to mild flavors of semi-sweet malt.  Thin body with a crisp finish.

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Grolsch Beer Case


Grolsch Beer Case - 24 x 330ml Bottle The finest Dutch beer around, Grolsch lager is made from two types of hops which have been incorporated into the Grolsch Bewery logo which is still in use today.Grolschs beginnings go back to 1615, when almost every...

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