Gourmet Syrups

Our new line of premium syrups is skilfully prepared by the experience that Mixer® has developed in 26 years of activity in the field of fruit purees and concentrated cocktails’ premixes.

Mixer Gourmet is our new line of coffee flavoring syrups which are perfectly designed  for the preparation of hot beverages thanks to their high persistency at the high temperature. Our syrups are great to be mixed with coffee, milk, chocolate or tea to make indulgent and yummy beverages. they maintain consistency, taste and flavour with coffee in hot beverages but they deliver excellent refreshing cold drinks as smoothies, shakes and frappes .

Natural extracts and flavors are highly used to feature outstanding drinks with an authentic natural taste .  

Mixer  Maple sticks out in our range, enjoy it with breakfast for waffle, pancake or french toast topping, as a sweetener or as a sugar substitute in baking and cooking, on desserts, or as special ingredient in cocktails, smoothies and shakes.


Mixer Hazelnut Syrup 6 x 1000ml


Mixer Hazelnut Syrup 6 X 1000ml Enchanting hazelnut syrup impeccable for the preparation of cakes, hot drinks or cocktails. The rich, nutty flavor of roasted Italian hazelnuts is taken to their best with the addition of caramelized sugar,...

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