Golden Rum

For golden rum, the barrels are generally not as heavily charred as those used to produce dark rum – this results in a medium-bodied drink with softer tropical fruit flavours and spice. As it’s not overly complex, this type of rum is also popular in cocktails.

Bacardi Rum

Bacardi Gold Rum


Bacardi Gold Rum - 750ml Bottle Thanks to the active charcoal filtration method pioneered by Don Facundo Bacardi. It is this filtration process, as well as its ageing for at least 18 months in charred white American oak barrels, that provides Bacardi...

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Green Island

Green Island Superior Rum


Green Island Superior Rum 1 X 1000ml Bottle This rum has been around since 1960 and to this day remains in the same distinctive packaging. The rum is made from molasses and has gone through a 4 column still. Green Island Superior Light Rum is a blend of...

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Inverroche Cape Potstill Rum


Inverroche Potstill Rum - 1 x 750ml A sipping rum crafted from African Blackstrap treacle molasses and aged for 7 years in first- and second-fill oak casks from Scotland, Portugal and Kentucky, which gives the rum a deep rich colour, and a sweet citrus...

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