Dry Rose Wine

Especially in the Mediterranean, Dry Rose is an exceptionally popular drink – and not just as an aperitif, but also with food, since it pairs so well with flavours from that region, salads and seafood, garlic and herbs. In South Africa, the category is growing as more top producers cultivate quality wines that tick all the boxes – fresh, fruity, light and flavourful. Since Rose can be made from pretty much any red grape (and some white grapes, as blending is common in South Africa), flavour profiles can vary, making it an exciting category to explore.

Backsberg Wine

Backsberg Premium Rose


Backsberg Rose 1 X 750ml Bottle Exuberant flavours of raspberry, strawberry and peach combined with a refreshing mouth. A wine made seamless, friendly and with a very good balance between fruit and acidity. This Rosé is a fantastic example...

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Brampton Wine

Brampton Rose


Brampton Rose 1 X 750ml Bottle Tasting Notes This wine combines the finest red strawberries from Merlot with an elegant mulberry contribution from the Pinotage. The remainder of the varieties each add their own bit of colour to the flavor canvas...

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D'aria Blush Rose


D'aria Blush Rose 1 X 750ml Bottle VINIFICATION: The Merlot grapes are picked by hand at an early stage; while the Sauvignon blanc grapes, also picked by hand, are allowed longer hang time. The varieties are pressed and fermented separately,...

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