Craft Pilsner

Pilsner, first brewed in the town of Pilsen in 1842, is a pale lager with a light colour and varying levels of hop aroma and flavour. German-style Pilsner has more bitterness with a more earthy taste, while Czech-style Pilsner is more golden in colour, with higher foam and a lighter flavour.

Cape Brewing Co

CBC Pilsner 1 X 340ml


CBC Pilsner 1 X 340ml Alcohol: 5.2Vol% Bitter Units: 30 IBU Colour: Light Blonde Fermentation: Brewed in the style of the Lager. Cold fermentation, bottom fermenting yeast Ingredients Malt: Imported specialty malt and the best selected barley...

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De Poes

De Poes Pilsner


Includes: De Poes Pilsner - 1 x 330ml Description: De Poes Export Belgian Pilsner is a blond low-fermentation beer. It has a light barley flavor, slightly malty and a clear golden color. This easy to drink unfiltered Pilsner has been re-fermented...

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