Cocktail Liqueurs

Liqueur, with its varied flavours, is an excellent addition to many popular cocktails. Think peppermint, passion fruit, cassis and banana… these fruity flavours are just the thing to make your cocktails sing.

Bols Vanila Liqueur


Bols Vanila Liqueur - 750ml Bottle The real "Vanille de Bourbon" and apricot kernels give this great natural liqueur a well-balanced and delicately complex taste. A surprising discovery! The colour is the creamy, light golden colour of a Chardonnay...

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Butlers Liqueur

Butlers Coconut Liqueur


Butlers Coconut Liqueur - 750ml Bottle Muddle mint in base of glass with 1 tsp castor sugar, then chop half a lime into four sections and muddle over mint. Fill glass half with crushed ice and add 1 shot rum and one shot Butler coconut. Stir until...

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Galliano Liqueur


Galliano Liqueur - 375ml Bottle Instantly attractive, brilliantly clear, greenish yellow color. Sweet, refined aromas of star anise and exotic peppercorns. A supple slightly syrupy entry leads to a mildly sweet medium-to full-bodied palate with delicate...

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Malibu Rum

Malibu Rum


Malibu Rum - 750ml Bottle Malibu rum is reminiscent of coconut, almonds, mocha. Delicate, soft texture. Moderately light on the palate, with a syrupy feel. Smooth and easy finish. Malibu rum is so smooth that it can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks,...

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Passoa Passion Fruit Spirit


Passoa Passion Fruit Spirit Passoã, a unique Passion Fruit liqueur at 17% alcohol volume. Its luscious red color reveals tangy fruit flavours. The recipe of this alcoholic beverage is based on a unique ingredient, passion fruit, or "maracuja" in...

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