We label and trace, parcel by parcel, many different barley varieties, different farms, even different fields, or terroirs, many of whose characteristics are retained directly in our maturing whisky stocks, depending on harvest, yield, weather and crop rotation. For us barley is a living, organic expression of the land, of the terroir in which it is grown.

We believe Islay matters

Islay is a remote island surrounded by fast currents, dangerous skerries, wild winds and Atlantic swell. At Bruichladdich we mature all our spirit for all its life in our warehouses above Loch Indaal, the great sea loch that defines the Rhinns of Islay. We know the island contributes significantly to the character of our whisky. A fresh marine citrus-salt tang is the signature accent of our single malts.

We believe people matter

With over 80 people employed on the Island, Bruichladdich is the biggest private employer on the Isle of Islay. Our family is vast and includes distillers, warehousemen, farmers, builders, designers, bartenders, engineers, indeed dozens, of skilled artisans who support us in a myriad of ways.

Conceived, distilled, matured & bottled only on Islay, using 100% Scottish barley. Bottled naturally, un-chill filtered & colouring free.

Our Bruichladdich whisky range is unpeated, floral and complex. Trickle distilled from 100% Scottish barley using much of the original Victorian machinery, the methods employed by our craftsmen have continued unchanged. This is natural whisky, non-chill filtered and colouring free

Our Port Charlotte single malts are peated to a heavyweight 40PPM. Trickle distilled through our tall, narrow necked still, the resulting rich and aromatic spirit has all the power of peat with the elegance and finesse for which our stills are famous.

It started out as a late night “what if?” Idea after a few drams. What if we distilled the most heavily peated barley humanly possible, in the tall, narrow-necked Bruichladdich stills? The legendary Octomore, named for James Brown’s farm above Port Charlotte, this is a dram that has taken the world by storm.




Bruichladdich Octomore


Includes: Bruichladdich Octomore 1 X 750ml About: THE WORLD'S MOST HEAVILY PEATED WHISKY, THIS IS THE SIXTH EDITION OF THE UBER-EXPERIMENTAL CULT OCTOMORE. Titanic amounts of peat but with a light, delicate,complexity and a beguiling finesse. Young,...

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