Brandy has a certain status… picture politicians with brandy glass in hand discussing world events and businessmen sitting in leather chairs sealing the deal. But, these days, brandy is also super trendy – especially in its French guises of Cognac and Armagnac. Brandy is distilled from grapes and achieves its golden brown colour from ageing in toasted barrels. South African brandy, which is made in the same manner as Cognac using a double distillation process in pot stills, is highly respected worldwide.


Blaauwklippen 8 Year Potstill Brandy


Blaauwklippen 8 Year Potstill Brandy 1 X 750ml Bottle Deep amber colour and whiffs of complex dried fruit, vanilla smoke and white chocolate perfectly balanced by subtle wood spice and nut flavours Enjoy neat with fine cheeses, also the perfect match...

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Klipdrift Gold


Includes: Klipdrift Gold Brandy 1 x 750ml Description: Klipdrift Gold is a unique blend of superior pot stilled brandies up to 21 years old that combine to produce a premium brandy with a difference.  Through skilful blending youth meets maturity...

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Klipdrift Premium

R230.00 R219.00

Includes: Klipdrift Premium - 750ml Bottle Description:This 100% potstill brandy is distilled in traditional Woudbergpotstills. 100 % Hanepoot. Medium depth of bright gold Muscat flavours, followed by hints of apricot and some floral wafts.Gentle...

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