Our Top 10 Year Old Whiskies

Posted by Warrick Mulder on 21st Jan 2015

Over the past year we have had the opportunity to try various single malts from all over the world. We are not talking about just tasting a dram of whisky in one evening, but rather opening a bottle of each and drinking it over a period of time.

One cannot decide if you like a whisky or not in one evening. Every one’s body, mood and palate change on a daily basis. You might dislike a particular taste one evening and absolutely love it a week later. Therefore, we have compiled a list of our favourite 10 Year Old Whiskies which may help you decide as a first time buyer which you may wish to try.

Let’s start off with whisky from Islay. Islay is one of the most Southern island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Islay has a total of 8 Malt Whisky Distilleries with most of them located close to Islay’s sea shore. The distilleries on Islay are known worldwide for producing peaty and smoky whiskies.

Talisker 10

One of the greatest 10 year old whiskies

we have tried from Islay is the Talisker 10 Year Old.

This is a phenomenal whisky with very interesting

flavours. When sipping Talisker for the first time,

you may not like it, however after your second and

third sip, your palate will become accustomed to the

natural spicy, black pepper and sea salt flavours.

Laphroaig 10

Our second whisky from Islay which we

always love is The Laphroaig 10 Year Old.

This whisky is just disgustingly delicious.

It is so peaty and smoky and almost medicinal

the first time you taste it, however as your palate

becomes used to the harshness of the whisky,

you just want more and more and more. Laphroaig

is still bottled in the traditional green medicine

bottles as this was a loophole throughout

prohibition. Doctors could only “prescribe” Laphroaig.

Ardbeg 10

Our third whisky from Islay which we enjoy is

Ardbeg 10 Year Old. This particular whisky took

quite some time to get used to. It is extremely harsh

with a lot of medicinal flavours coming out. However

after retrying it a few times, it became extremely enjoyable.

It is probably a fair amount more peatier than Laphroaig

but will a wonderful whisky for a cold winters evening.

Next, we are going to focus on our favourite Speyside whiskies. Speyside Single Malts are distilled in Strathspey around the Spey River. There are over 50 whisky distilleries in Strathspey. Speyside whiskies are among Scotland’s lightest and sweetest single malts.

Benromach 10

Lets look at Benromach 10 Year Old.

This is a lovely easy drinking whisky,

very light with subtly sherry flavours.

We highly recommend this as a first

time single malt buyer.

Speyburn 10

Speyburn 10 year old is another great easy

drinking whisky. Slight tropical fruitiness

flavors come through when tasting it

for the second and 3rd time.

Aberlour 10

Aberlour 10 Year Old is a rather interesting whisky

to try. It almost has a dry old leather type taste and

make your palate feel dry. However, it is something

to get used to. This is not a bottle you would finish in

one evening, however enjoy it over a few months.

As it has now been discontinued in South Africa,

stocks are soon going to be running very low.