Whisky as an Investment. What you need to know.

Posted by Jane Smith on 14th Nov 2018

Bottleshop article – whiskey investing – November 2018Whisky as an investment – what you need to knowDemand for whisky has never been greater. In particular, demand for Scotch whisky is experiencing unprecedented growth (overseas sales of Scotch hit £4.36 billion in 2017 – a new record), thanks in no small measure to growing interest in whisky from the Far East. Part of this growth has been fuelled by the demand for premium and rare single malts, especially in Asia where these whiskies ar
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Villiera Wines

Posted by Jane Smith on 5th Sep 2018

Unlocking nature at VillieraAt Villiera Wines in Stellenbosch, a dual focus on sustainability and tradition drives the Grier family’s passion and winemaking.From the snail-eating Peking ducks that patrol the vineyards to the rainwater harvesting and solar panelling, much of what the Grier family does at Villiera Wines is geared towards improving the sustainability of their biodiverse family-run farm. And this sustainability extends far beyond what happens on the vines and in the cellar.
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Spring Clean Your Drinks Cabinet

Posted by Jane Smith on 31st Aug 2018

Always order the same drink? Can’t see beyond a glass of chilled Sauvignon or a refreshing lager? It’s time to swap this for that with our fun drinks’ substitution suggestions.When I first started drinking wine, I went heavy on the Sauvignon Blanc. I liked the zingy taste, knew I could pronounce it at restaurants (without embarrassment), and easily found it in my local supermarket (at prices a newbie worker could afford). And that’s where I stayed, happy in my ignorance.Fortunately fate in
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2018 Christmas Delivery Dates

19th Dec 2017

Christmas Delivery Dates 2017Well, this year has flown by and December has been extremely busy.OUTSIDE OF CAPE TOWN DELIVERIESToday the 20th December is our last day of orders for outside of Cape Town, that will be dispatched and reach your friends and family on time before Christmas.Unfortunately our Couriers do not deliver on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, so any order placed for outside of Cape Town after 15:00 on Wednesday the 20th December will only be delivered after Boxing Day the 27th Dece
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