This style of whiskey makes up the bulk of Irish production and offers tremendous value for money. The blends vary – from single malt with grain whiskey or single pot still with grain whiskey… or a combination of both. Jameson and Bushmills are prime examples of blended Irish whiskies – although within each brand a wide variety of styles are produced.

Jameson Black Barrel

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Jameson Black Barrel     “This product has been exclusively purchased for resale through a private collection independently by"

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Jameson CaskMates


Jameson CaskMates 1 X 750ml Bottle Two heads are said to be better than one, and this whiskey adds serious weight to that argument. Emerging from a conversation between our head distiller and the head brewer of Cork’s Franciscan Well Brewery,...

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Jameson Irish Whisky

Jameson Gold Reserve Whiskey


Jameson Gold Reserve Whisky - 750ml Bottle Up until recently Jameson Gold Reserve has been the elusive family member that could only be found in airport shopping outlets. Since its creation in 1996, Jameson Gold Reserve - a marvelously rich pot still...

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Jameson The Cooper's Croze


Jameson The Cooper's Croze The Cooper’s Croze is a whiskey created by our Head Cooper, Ger Buckley, showcasing the diversity of barrels at our Midleton distillery and the profound influence that wood yields. With knowledge passed down through 5...

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