Blended Brandy

In South Africa, this is pot-still brandy blended with unmatured wine spirit for a minimum alcohol content of 43%. Blended brandies are best enjoyed with your favourite mixer – indeed, any way you like!

Olof Bergh

Olof Bergh Brandy


Olof Bergh Brandy - 750ml Bottle This 100% potstill brandy is distilled in traditional Woudbergpotstills. 100 % Hanepoot. Colour: Medium depth of bright gold. Nose: Muscat flavours, followed by hints of apricot and some floral wafts.Gentle orange...

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The Hunter Brandy


Windfall Wines Brandy The Hunter - 1 x750ml The Hunter is handpicked from selected Chenin Blanc which grows on the cool Western facing mountain slopes in the Retreat valley- west from Robertson.  Only first run juice was used and slowly fermented...

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Wellington Brandy


Wellington Brandy - 750ml Bottle The careful selection of finest old brandies is the secret behind the acclaimed quality of Wellington VO Brandy; a quality which ensures that Wellington VO can be enjoyed neat, over ice or with one's preferred mixer.

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