Adam & Eve


Exclusive Offer. Limited release!

An irresistible pair unlike any you’ve encountered before
Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate has created an irresistible wine that is the first of its kind, limited in number and truly original.
Both made from pure Merlot grapes far more alluring than any forbidden fruit.
Young, fresh and tempting, enjoy immediately and be utterly delighted.
Both wines have been crafted to the award-winning standards of Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate, each with a unique expression of their shared Merlot grape variety.

Their beautiful bottle shape, innovative resealable glass Vinolok stopper and peel off labels, reveal their full beauty, allowing them to be enjoyed long after the wine has run out.

Wrapped in an exquisitely designed 2 bottle carrier, we are delighted to share this once in a lifetime creation with you. Numbers are very limited, so please be sure to share this gift idea with only your closest loved ones!

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